Monday, 31 January 2011

The Wheelie Good Dance

So Friday night was the night!
The Wheelie Good Dance in Haddington at
The Corn Exchange...
And what an awesome night!

There was fabulous tunes from Cool Reception;
A brilliant bar by The Waterloo Bistro;
A winning raffle and a bidding-tastic auction;
Great company and wonderful support from old friends and total strangers;
And two shining stars who organised the whole night...
Caroline & Mary.

The final figures are still due in but the total raised is approximately a 

And awesomely

We had a good night but found it all a little overwhelming and I ended the night in tears - tears of sadness and happiness too...

Thank you so much, first and foremost, to Caroline and Mary who have made us so proud of them and we are humbled by all that they have achieved.

Secondly to Paul from The Waterloo Bistro and Cool Reception who made the night possible.

And, finally, to all those who donated prizes, bought tickets, raffle tickets and auctions; you have supported Eilidh's Whizzy Wheel Fund and we are so very, very grateful...


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