Tuesday, 29 November 2011


If you are one of the many (or few!) who don't watch X-Factor...

The X-Factor Finalists, along with JLS and One Direction have covered Rose Royce's Wishing on a Star and the song will raise money for children living with a life shortening disease.  Together For Short Lives and 50 other charities will benefit from the proceeds from the sale of the single .  These charities include Jennifer's Trust which is the only charity in the UK who solely offer services for those with SMA and their families and friends.  Maggie, an Outreach Worker from JTSMA,  was invaluable to us in the early days after Eilidh's diagnosis, providing information and much needed support at a difficult time.

23,500 children and young people in the UK are unlikely to see adulthood; these children, with their families and friends, live with their disease every single day and it not only affects them physically but also mentally and emotionally and can impact on every aspect of family life.  Many, if not all, will need additional support and the charities benefiting from the sale of this single focus on improving quality of life for the families and providing help and support.  These charities enable families affected by life shortening diseases to cope with the everyday.

"Life is precious.  You only get one shot.  You live your life as if it was your last day and basically we try to do that every single day of the year."

So, please, please, please help these children live each day, with the love and support of their families and friends, as it it were their last; buy the single and make a difference today...  Life is so very precious...

More information about the Lloyd Family - as featured on the link above - can be found here.