Monday, 20 June 2016

The Wheely Good Art Auction

Eilidh doesn't draw or paint many pictures which are easily recognisable, preferring instead a more abstract form.  Her joy for art of any form is apparent however - the messier and more hands on the better! - but it's not easy for her as her muscle weakness affects the movements of her fingers, hands and arms.  We often take simple movements that we make every day for granted - Eilidh struggles with so many ordinary things.

The painting above was watercolour and meant for me.  It made my heart sing on an otherwise colourless day.  And then it dawned on me - what a fabulous way to raise funds for the new Snapdragon! A Wheely Good Art Auction!

Without a second thought I composed a message for social media, reaching out to family, friends and strangers, asking them to donate a paint or a drawing or a print, asking them to take a leap of faith and support our auction and Eilidh's independence.

From there, the auction has gone from strength to strength and we are overwhelmed by everyone's generosity.

And now? The Wheely Good Art Auction is about to go live through Ebay and PayPal Giving, enabling The Turbo Trust to receive 100% of all monies raised by the auction and it's so very, very exciting!

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Whizzy Wheels Again

My daughter Eilidh’s independence is central to this post today which is supporting Nick Thomson's 13 to 3 marathon run on Sunday 24th April, the Virgin London Marathon.  Nick aims to raise £2000 towards a new 3d powered wheelchair.  Our family is only as independent as Eilidh is, only has happy as she is.  Her wheelchair allows independence and quality of life for us all.  

The Snapdragon is way ahead of what the NHS can provide and other privately funded similar powered wheelchairs, allowing 3d movement but also, more importantly, enabling Eilidh to interact eye to eye with her peers with the ability of the chair to move between a floor position and standing height.  The chair empowers Eilidh to be independent and confident so that she can be part of more beyond her immediate family. It is responsive and manoeuvrable, allowing her to explore the world around her.

But this chair comes at a price.  £24,113.  We have raised this once before – by asking friends and strangers to contribute to a Whizzy Wheels Fund (here on this blog) - for the Snapdragon she got when she was 2 years old, but this chair now needs replacing and we are finding it necessary to approach charities to help raise this total.  It is not easy to do this, to ask for help, to ask for money, to admit that we cannot raise this huge total for our daughter, but it is a mammoth task.

Eilidh's independence, however is priceless.  How can we put a price on her joy, her quality of life?  It's simple, we can't and as a result we need to do what is the best for her and the SnapDragon is the best. Through enabling and empowering Eilidh we too are learning; she teaches us how it is to live with disability.  She brings joy and I am hopeful of a bright future, but we need to ask others to help maintain her independence, raising funds towards a new powerchair because we cannot do it alone in the time frame required.

I ask that you consider supporting my daughter Eilidh maintain her independence by donating to Nick's Just Giving page which is supporting the Turbo Trust. The Turbo Trust believes in good mobility for all, regardless of age or ability, and provides grants for disabled people to buy the most versatile powerchairs available.approving a grant towards the total cost of her powered wheelchair.  Alternatively you can donate at GoFundMe