Monday, 20 June 2016

The Wheely Good Art Auction

Eilidh doesn't draw or paint many pictures which are easily recognisable, preferring instead a more abstract form.  Her joy for art of any form is apparent however - the messier and more hands on the better! - but it's not easy for her as her muscle weakness affects the movements of her fingers, hands and arms.  We often take simple movements that we make every day for granted - Eilidh struggles with so many ordinary things.

The painting above was watercolour and meant for me.  It made my heart sing on an otherwise colourless day.  And then it dawned on me - what a fabulous way to raise funds for the new Snapdragon! A Wheely Good Art Auction!

Without a second thought I composed a message for social media, reaching out to family, friends and strangers, asking them to donate a paint or a drawing or a print, asking them to take a leap of faith and support our auction and Eilidh's independence.

From there, the auction has gone from strength to strength and we are overwhelmed by everyone's generosity.

And now? The Wheely Good Art Auction is about to go live through Ebay and PayPal Giving, enabling The Turbo Trust to receive 100% of all monies raised by the auction and it's so very, very exciting!

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