Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Quadrathlon!!

You may already be aware that my family are a bit fruity and very nutty!
Some are sporty and some not so much.
One thing, however is sure, we all look out for each other and would do anything to help another...
Well, almost anything...

James is my (wee) cousin and on Saturday he will embark on a crazy challenge:

loch tay

"is an exhilarating test of stamina, strength and fitness through some of the most spectacular and historic areas of the Scottish Highlands. You’ll need to be on form – this is a tough event!"

So what does this involve, I hear you ask:

0.8 miles swim across Loch Tay from Ardtalnaig
15 mile run or walk over 7 Munros
7 mile canoe  back to Ardtalnaig
34 mile cycle clockwise around Loch Tay

And on to the finish where the clock will stop when a melon is slayed by the sword!

James and Robbie are raising money for the two nominated charities Mercy Corps and Mary's Meals, but also for Whizzy Wheels.  As I said, my family are fruit and nuts but they are all heart too and I am touched that the boys are doing this crazy Challenge for Eilidh.

So go on, James and Robbie, do us proud, you maddies!