Friday, 8 October 2010

Lots of Viewers!

Hello to people viewing the Whizzy Wheels blog!


The Daily Record has definitely helped promote the blog which is so fantastic - I could not have reached out to so many people so quickly... 750 pages were viewed yesterday...

So the word is very much definitely OUT!

It took me some time to read the article because for me it made it all seem so very much more real, but I am glad that I did read it because it was a lovely article - many thanks to Lisa!

It was so strange reading Eilidh's story in print, on paper, in a newspaper and a national newspaper at that.
I kept thinking:
"Is it us?"
"Is it our story?" 
"Surely not?" 
"It's surely happening to someone else?"
But it is happening to us and we are trully grateful for all the support we are getting, whether it be donations or in the form of offers of help. 
So, once again... a big thank you to everyone supporting Eilidh and her Whizzy Wheels...

Has the article resulted in donations?
Yes, a few have come directly from it ...
So... watch this space... the next total will be announced on Sunday night.

Have a lovely weekend, wherever you are, whatever you are doing...

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