Thursday, 26 August 2010

The Whizzy Wheel Fund

I have decided to set up a separate page for The Whizzy Wheel Fund so that anyone can access it and have a nosey and a read and, if they want to, donate some money to this wonderful cause.

I also intend to use the blog to let people know of events and ongoing sponsorship and to post photos of Eilidh and the equipment that we purchase for her.

All monies donated will go directly to a fund set up for Eilidh and accounts will be kept of all transactions for the account so that it is completely transparent for those donating.

The first piece of equipment that we intend to purchase is Eilidh's SnapDragon. This will enable her to become mobile and independent, allowing her to explore her environment, run over toes and drive like a crazy toddler! The cost of the Snappie is £19,908...

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