Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Snappie - one year on

Snappie the Snapdragon came into our lives a little over a year ago; she has not solved all of our problems - far from it! - but, with time, she has brought fun to our family (just as Dan from Dragonmobility promised). Snappie is most definitely a girl: temperamental, bolshie and really quite gallus - perhaps she has inherited this characteristics from her proud owner? Snappie is fast and can turn on a tuppence; she even does wheelspins!  She's travelled through parks and fields, seen the sights at museums and now ventures to nursery.  She's been clarty, mankie and pretty maukit too.  I think that Snappie thrives on thrills and excitement  - a bit like Eilidh! 

extreme flowery makeover
april '12

With Snappie we have come far in the last year from a point of hatred  (yes, I would put it that strongly!) to one of acceptance - well kind of!  We have said goodbye to the buggy and moved on to independence through the wee Micro first then to Snappie.  From her first moves, to becoming more confident, to now playing "tig!" with Niamh, Eilidh is blossoming. 

Eilidh loves Snappie - that much is evident as her eyes light up at the mention of heading out with her - and loves the independence that she has gained from having a friend like Snappie.  Eilidh's love is contagious, she is teaching us about life with Snappie; she is breaking down walls and leading the way in her own definite and distinguished way.

So once again, thank you to everyone who made this possible through The Whizzy Wheel Fund and thank you to all at Dragonmobility who made and continue to make this possible. 

We, as a family, can now look forward to many, many more Snappie adventures. 

And here's the latest instalment in the Snappie tale:

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