Saturday, 19 March 2011

Hearts and Hands

Liam is a little boy in America.
He has SMA.
He's a Snappie Rider.
He's awesome at fancy dress - yes, that is him dressed as R2D2!
And he has a fantastic mum: Lynn.

Lynn is a talented lady
With a beautiful eye
For Simple design
That demonstrates
Elegance & Grace.
Check her out at
Satsuma Press

Lynn, although I have never met her in person,
Has a heart of Gold
And has organised
Hearts and Hands for Japan -

Hearts and Hands is a community effort to help Japan.
Independent artists and studios are donating prizes for a Raffle.
(now, we know we all love a good raffle!).
So, please follow the link, buy a ticket at $10 and donate to Japan...

What has happened there is terrifying and, if we can help in any way, we can make a difference...

And to those who buy a ticket or two - Good luck!

"What has happened and is happening in Japan is heartbreaking – and we believe there are ways, both big and small, to help. This is what we are able to do – from the heart, made by our hands." - Lynn Russell

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