Saturday, 25 September 2010

Raising Money

It's difficult for us to do this,
to ask for money to help our daughter gain the independence that she deserves,
but that is what we find ourselves doing.

We did not ask for this to happen to Eilidh.
We can not make her better
but we can, hopefully, give her all the opportunities that we can.
But we need your help...

The NHS will not supply Eilidh with a powered chair until she is 3.
And yet a toddler of her age is already mobile and naturally inquisitive, learning as they toddle and fall.
Eilidh needs that opportunity, the opportunity to be mobile and independent.
She deserves that opportunity.

The chair that we have chosen to pursue for Eilidh is the SnapDragon which will give her the best start in life.  Unlike the chair that the NHS may provide when she is 3, this chair lowers to ground level and raises too, allowing her to play on the floor with friends and hold hands with mummy and daddy when out for a walk.  As well as providing psychosocial benefits, the Snappie also comes with a standing frame option which has physical benefits for Eilidh too, for example, increasing bone density.  The SnapDragon far outclasses anything that the NHS can provide at this time.

test driving!

But this innovative chair comes at a price
£19, 908
and we need to raise that money.

Currently Eilidh is on a waiting list...
if we raise this money before the end of November she will hold her place on the list and her Snappie may well be ready by February...
if we don't raise it by then, she will wait until the money is raised and Snappie will come approximately 8-12 weeks after...

And after the chair... well, there will be more powered chairs and powered trikes and devices and gadgets to give her the best life possible...

But, first things first, let's start with the most important, the life-changing Snappie...

So please, help us fund raise for Eilidh.

forward and back, forward and back

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  1. Lynn And Craig Hamilton10 October 2010 at 22:36

    So interested to read your story in the Daily Record. We have been involved in SMA Type 1 for 22 years and have done lots of fund raising for the Jennifer Trust For SMA. We would love to get together for a chat. We are having a Jumble Sale on the 23rd Of October In Bishopbriggs.
    Contact us on:
    0141563 1058 or
    Thanks x