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In the beginning
there was
mummy Sheonad
who met
daddy David.
and baby Niamh was born.
and then followed baby Eilidh.
A happy family,
full of love,
and happiness.
A future bright and ever possible.
And then that changed:
the future was no longer quite as clear.
Life had changed beyond their comprehension.

What happened to bring about such a change?

On Thursday 27th May 2010 Eilidh, at 16 months old, after months of worry, was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Grade 2

A diagnosis which changed our family's perceived future and robbed us of hope. 

A diagnosis which means that Eilidh will be wheelchair dependent

So the idea of Whizzy Wheels for Eilidh came to being and, in time, the realisation of the cost of Eilidh's independence and mobility became apparent... 

The Whizzy Wheel Fund was born as a result of this - a Fund to raise money to enable and empower Eilidh to be the best that she can be and to give us hope. 

Now why did we need to raise money for Eilidh?

Good question...

The NHS will not supply Eilidh with a powered chair until she is 3.

And yet a toddler of her age is already mobile and naturally inquisitive, learning as they toddle and fall.  Eilidh needs that opportunity, the opportunity to be mobile and independent, to learn and to explore her environment.  She deserves that opportunity.

The chair that we chose to purchase for Eilidh is the SnapDragon which will give her the best start in life.  Unlike the chair that the NHS may provide when she is 3, this chair lowers to ground level and raises too, allowing her to play on the floor with friends and hold hands with mummy and daddy when out for a walk.  As well as providing psychosocial benefits, the Snappie also comes with a standing frame option which has physical benefits for Eilidh too, for example, increasing bone density.  The SnapDragon far outclasses anything that the NHS will provide even if Eilidh could wait another 15 months for a powered chair.

Eilidh has now had her SnapDragon for 2 weeks and she is slowly getting used to it... she can go up... and down... and "peep! peep!" her horn... hopefully, she'll be a little bit more adventurous and mobile soon...

There are is still fund-raising which is ongoing: for The Whizzy Wheel Fund, for The Muscular Dystrophy Campaign, for The Turbo Trust and also for Jennifer's Trust.  And fund-raising will continue to be ongoing in the hope that we can make a difference to some one's independence and life.

If you would like to know more or get involved or even find out a little bit more about our fund- raising please do not hesitate to get in touch.

If you would like to know more about SMA or just need a friendly listening ear please feel free to email us..